Tattoo Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Incandescent Shine Ltd will follow the highest standards of hygiene and work ethics before, during and after the procedure is undertaken, however they can be held in no way responsible or liable for any complications which may arise from the procedure should information provided by yourself be misleading or untruthful.

By confirming a booking for a tattoo you understand and agree to all of the following.

You understand that any potential complications which could arise are solely your responsibilty. You understand that a tattoo is a permanent modification to the skin and once applied removal will not be possible without seeking professional treatments.

You understand during the procedure, despite staff expertise and all the precautionary measures, injury is possible.

You understand despite the application of the most advanced and top quality inks, allergic reaction is still possible and should you have any doubts you should seek medical advice before proceeding.

You understand that during the process of applying the agreed tattoo design, various circumstances may arise which can make the finished tattoo deviate from the agreed design. These include but are not limited to the curvature of the body, possible skin movement, different skin textures/tones, or the bodies ability to accept ink. Where any issues occur the artist cannot be held responsible for any deviation in the design that may happen.

You understand that a tattoo is a process of artwork getting applied by an artist to a living canvas the body. As with all artwork, errors by an artist for various reasons can and do happen. Where errors do occur the artist will apply their artistic abilities and creativity to minimise the effect of any error.

You agree that the tattoo design can and may be adjusted during the application process as seems fitting by the artist such to accommodate any difficulties or artistic errors that may arise from applying the design to your body. As such Incandescent Shine Ltd. and the artist assumes no liability for any adjustments to the final tattoo.

You understand the correction of any errors made by the artist during the application of the design will not be above and beyond what any artist using other mediums would do, however due to the living nature of the canvas I understand artistic deviations from the agreed design can and will occur.

You understand that it is your responsibility to read and follow the aftercare advice given to you until your tattoo is fully healed, and that failure to do so may result in the tattoo healing incorrectly.

You understand that the artist cannot be held responsible for any issues caused by any failure to follow any aftercare advice given. If you are in any doubt over any issues or guidance you understand that you should seek out further advice or guidance from a medical professional.

You understand that it is your responsibility to make the artist aware of all and any health, medical, or other issues which may or may not affect your tattoo. It is your responsibility to seek any medical advice prior to consenting to this procedure.

You understand that absolutely no refunds after any service will be given and that the full and final balance of your procedure will be required upon completion of your appointment.

You understand failure to attend, or rearrange an appointment within a reasonable timescale as determined by Incandescent Shine Ltd. will result in any monies paid either as a deposit or service fee to be forfeit.

You acknowledge that no guarantee has been made to me concerning the final results of this tattoo.

You agree to provide payment of all the costs involved on or before the completion of the service.

You confirm that all the information you provided to undergo this procedure is correct to the best of your knowledge and that you are of the age of consent for this procedure to be carried out.